The Pre-Med club obtains it's funding primarily from club-organized fundraisers and charity events. Here's some info on our regular fundraisers:

Bednets for Bawa is a semi-annual 5K/10K Charity run/walk to help raise awareness and funds to distribute life-saving bed nets to the village of rural Bawa, Cameroon. In areas like Bawa, these nets are sometimes the only line of defense against insect-borne diseases like malaria. Since the pre-med club first began hosting this event, the Bawa Health Initiative has had the support to distribute enough bed nets to drastically reduce the incidence of malaria in the region. As the village grows and old nets age, new nets are critical to safeguarding the health of families. The cost of each net is $10 and all proceeds from the event go to the Bawa Health Initiative to purchase and distribute the bed nets. For more information, please see our 2018 event page.


Marie-Helen Willis
CWU Pre-Med Club President